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David & Elaine - Beloved Long-Lost Nephew Found

When Elaine Vera was 18, her sister's toddler disappeared with his father, and for the next 22 years the family was unable to find him. But they never forgot little David, who unbeknownst to them had ended up in foster care. Finally, Elaine used People Search and heard from David's foster family, who helped her track her nephew down.

A few days before Christmas, Elaine left a message for David at work, and when he called her back shortly thereafter, they talked for an hour -- and set up a hasty reunion for that very same night! Elaine had four short, exciting hours to phone the rest of her family to alert them, plus "clean house, get some food put together, and get dressed." By 7:00 that evening she had David's mother, brother, sister, four aunts, two uncles, and six cousins assembled with open arms to greet their boy - now a college graduate -- who came with seven of his own foster family members!

"It was a Christmas to remember and treasure always," says Elaine, and it turned out so well that David returned for another visit by himself on New Year's morning. "He has given us a second chance -- having him with us again is a dream come true ... like I just hit the jackpot, but worth much more. Thanks a million, Reunion. You've made a big difference in my life and made it the best Christmas ever and a lot of happy new years to come for the whole family."
December, 2006.

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